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For more than 18 hours, Sen. Chuck Purgason has been filibustering the so-called “Ford Bill” on the Senate floor.  Governor Nixon called a special session in an effort to see this bill passed which would provide 150 million dollars in tax incentives to a Ford Plant in Claycomo.  These tax incentives are an effort to keep the Ford plant, and the jobs that go along with it, in the state.
Sen. Purgason is arguing that mega companies like Ford should not be given these credits while small and medium sized businesses do without.  Tax breaks should be across the board for all businesses.  The government is not good at economic development, and should not pick winners and losers in business.
At this point, only two other Senators have had the courage to stand with Sen. Purgason on the Floor – Senator Matt Bartle and Senator Jack Goodman.
Ford is apparently not asking for this money, and has not even stated that the plant and jobs will stay in Missouri even if they receive the money.
If you support Senator Purgason in his principled stand for the free markets, please email him at [email protected]
Include your location, and he will read your letter from the Senate floor.  He has read nearly 200 letters from supporters already.
You can listen live on the floor by visiting www.Senate.Mo.Gov
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  1. Otrere says:

    The government as envisioned by the Founders was to be the protector of the people, not the nanny or arbiter of who succeeded or who failed in the free market system. Hence the name: FREE market system. That means free of arbitrary third party influences like, especially, the GOVERNMENT. All it takes is a superficial look at the mess this country is in and the approval rating of Congress to put two and two together and get, “Holy Smoke. Throw the bums out”.

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