Nullification Meeting Tomorrow – June 25

We are looking forward to having Ron Calzone with us tomorrow to discuss the extremely important topic of Nullification.

Whether you are familiar with the subject or not, you will receive a wealth of information on the steps that we can take as a state to push back against an over-reaching federal government.

This from Ron Calzone:

This event is designed to both educate about the constitutional and historic basis for nullification, and also a brainstorming session to deal with practical issues implementing it.

We want your input about what unconstitutional federal edicts should be nullified, how to pass nullification legislation, and what to do when the Feds threaten reprisals, like they did with the Texas anti- TSA groping bill.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  • Constitutional Basis for State Sovereignty and proper jurisdiction. — Instruction and Discussion
  • What is Nullification and how has it been used in the past and recent times? — Instruction and Discussion
  • How can we pass Nullification legislation in Missouri, and what do we do about push-back from the federal government? — Instruction and Discussion

Please join us Saturday, June 25 (tomorrow) at 9:00 a.m. at the Franklin County Baptist Association in Union.  The Association building is located just two miles south of Hwy 50 on Hwy 47.  Click here Google Maps directions.

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One Response to Nullification Meeting Tomorrow – June 25

  1. Ike Skelton says:

    This was an excellent presentation on nullification. If you can get 25 or more patriots together, I recommend asking if Ron can attend.

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