Consent of the Governed Rally – January 4, 2012

It time for the 2nd annual Consent of the Governed Rally. Please mark your calender and pass the word on!

As we welcome legislators back to the Capitol, this really serves to remind that they are there at the Consent of the Governed and constrained by the Missouri Constitution.

We want them to know that we will be involved; we will be watching; and we will be a resource for those who seek to promote greater liberty and prosperity.

In short, we want to tell them, “We’re from the People and we’re here to help!”

We hope you will join us in Jefferson City on January 4. The rally is scheduled to begin at 10:30 am and continue until 11:30 The program will include a review of key issues of concern to conservatives and a variety of guest speakers. Attendees will be given a packet of information and encouraged to visit their representative and senator while they are at the Capitol.

Please forward this information to your list and invite other groups to participate. We want to help start the new session with a strong message of unity and support for the cause of liberty.

If you would like to  help support the cost of providing one of these beautifully framed and matted document to our legislators, you can donate by going to


Dave Roland
Rep. Ed Emery
David Linton
Ed Martin
January 4, 2011
1st. Floor Rotunda, Capitol Building, Jefferson City, MO

9:30 – 10:30:  Come Early for Assistance locating your Rep. & Senator
10:30 – 11:30:  Speakers
11:30 – ?:  Presentation of Documents
Visit with your senator and rep in their office.
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