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  1. Kim Johnson says:

    Good Evening,
    Just wanted to comment on this morning’s rally. I was so encouraged by not only by the number in attendance, but the people’s comments that were voiced as the rally began. I appreciated (the lady that spoke from Union; can’t remember her name). She’s a simple citizen just like me. As I listened to her talk, I realized that I too can get involved in this effort to stand up for my rights and to let my voice be heard. Let’s stay together on this effort, people!!! And let’s continue to make our voices heard through letters, phone calls, and attendance at these rallies. Jedidiah said that FCP would be letting us know ways to get involved. I’ll be watching the website for that info. Let’s roll !!!!
    Also, thanks to Mt. Zion Baptist Church for the use of their facility during the rainy morning.
    Mrs. Kim Johnson
    Union, Missouri

  2. Dave Hinson says:

    Congrats!! Patriots on your event on Saturday. I was not able to attend, but have heard so much positive feedback about the event. Keep the peoples voice going. I look forward to, hopefully, serving the people of Franklin county in the Missouri House. Common Sense and the peoples will are bi-partisan. Keep it going patriots.

    Dave Hinson
    St. Clair